Tomas Diebold
Director of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a keyword?
A keyword is the word that customer will text on their phone to our short code (55312).  We use the keyword and short code to drive customers to your digital business card and to build you a text message marketing list.


Can I import my own list of phone numbers from customers?
Yes, we can import phone numbers of your customers to build your text message marketing list.


What is a digital business card?
Your digital card works like a paper card except you can easily share it by text, email, or qr code.  It includes traditional contact information but it also includes your photo and details on your products and services.  It can include videos, lead generation forms and coupons.  It is easily downloaded into the contacts on your phone. It is also great for referrals because your customers can easily share it with others.


What is text message marketing?
It is when you send a text message to a list of cell phone numbers that have subscribed to your list.  Customers can easily unsubscribe at any time too.  But we help you with smart text messaging strategies so that your subscribers look forward to your text messages.  Text messages are a great way to announce events, specials, new services.  And they always include a link to more information on your business card.

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